Letter from Mr. Morris

January 6, 2022

Welcome Back! We are very excited to return to in-school learning on Monday, January 10, 2022. I believe it took much courage for our politicians to make this call as most provincial jurisdictions elected to go with at home learning for students. Evidence has shown that students learn best at school with their teacher in the front of the classroom.

I do have some information to pass along to families before Monday.

Student/Staff illness: Please continue to monitor student health and continue to keep children that are sick at home until symptoms are over. I do have concerns as many of normal cold/flu symptoms are so similar to the latest Covid variant. Our substitute teacher list is short, and it is harder and harder to find last minute substitute teachers. If we do have multiple teachers that are ill, it might force specific classes to go to the at home learning model. Personally, I am hoping to stay healthy so I don’t transmit any illness to my wife. Most of you know that she had a bad fall in November and broke 8 ribs. Her latest X-ray still shows fluid in her lungs and a Covid infection would be very bad for her.

Boys “C” basketball: Our season starts with a game on Monday, January 10 against Lacombe Christian in our gym. The game will start close to 4:00 P.M. We do have to follow the Wolf Creek guidelines if you are wanting to come and see your child play:

· 2 parents per player (max)

· Each visitor must enter the school through the gym doors, sanitize, and wear masks (please abide by these requests, I don’t want to get stuck with a confrontation while trying to coach players).

· No siblings (no exceptions)

Please Note that we are extremely fortunate to be able to even play sports at this time.

I will be sending home a schedule next week.

Options: Grade 8’s will be going to CACHS for woodworking on Friday, January 13. Grade 9’s will be participating in Sewing with Mrs. Both

Grade 6/7: So far, we have only one parent interested in providing an opportunity. I will be taking all boys to Peter Both’s workshop for engine repair on Tuesday, January 18 (please wear clothes that can get dirty). If anyone would still like to help with the 6/7 girls, please let me or Mrs. Jang know asap.

Kindergarten Schedule: I have carefully looked over the kindergarten dates with Mrs. DeGier and we have discovered that our school is still short a few days for kindergarten. Mrs. DeGier will be sending home a list of additional dates to add to your calendar.

Masks/Rapid Tests: The AB government is sending schools n-95 masks for students (grade 4-9) and staff. They are also sending out rapid tests. Rapid tests will only be sent home to those parents that request them. Students will not be administered Rapid Tests at school.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me at school. I hope everyone has a great final weekend before students return on Monday.


Robert Morris

Principal, Ponoka Christian School

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